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Utterly Embarrased

20081001 Embarrassed Utterly Embarrased


So, I was at the court house this week.  I’m sure anyone who has been at a courthouse for any reason has witnessed society’s equivalent to Cirqe de Sole’.   The events at the courthouse led me to this question.  Have you ever been so embarrassed by your own race that you almost felt unworthy to look at someone from another race?  I’m talking about  that crawl under a pillow embarrassment.  Well I have, and it was this week.

I’m sitting outside the court room and I just saw some of the most ignant (yes I said ignant) crap I’ve ever seen in my life.  This one guy walks around the corner and is in full n*gga garb.  He had on a fake fur coat, nappy braids, a hat, and gold teeth.  GOING TO COURT!!!  I mean if you looked up n*gga in the dictionary, his picture would be there next to T-Pain’s, Lil Wayne’s, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.  Anyway this is how our story begins.

He comes around the corner on his speaker phone talking about he is about to get a divorce.   Not only that, he is cussing loud, he’s late, and he has to be asked to remove his hat.  Now I know I’m being judgmental.  But I’m almost positive he knows the rules of the court.  Then when he gets ready to go in he tells the court officer, “I’ll be back let me go take care of this restraining order thing first.”  Wait!  You are late for court, and then you tell them to wait on you??!!  Get the heck outta here!

Oh I’m not done.  Then he starts walking in and out of the court room because he keeps getting calls.  TURN YOUR PHONE OFF!  ARE YOU INSANE?  EVER HEARD OF CONTEMPT???  So on the 5th or 6th occurrence of walking out of the court room he runs into one of his friends.  I believed if there was a female form of the word n*gga, her picture would be next to it along with Khia, New York, Jackie-O, and Souljah Girl (Youtube, “Souljah Girl, Crazy Girl on Train).   So this lady proceeds to show him all the places where she has covered the tattoos up of her former husbands’ names.  “She’s like yeah I’m getting rid of this MF in all places.” 

This is the point in the story where I’m too embarrassed to look at the white man that has been sitting next to me the whole time.  I mean I’m embarrassed to the point where I want to look at him and say, “ You see these n*ggas?”

My fellow nerds tell me of your… “I was embarrassed to be White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Indian, Native American, etc.” story.

Here is a forum I read the other day with some great court tales.  Check it out here

W.H.I.T.E (White Humans Instituting Typical Exclusion)

whites only W.H.I.T.E (White Humans Instituting Typical Exclusion)


Yesterday we talked about whether black people could be racist.  As always, there were inconclusive findings.  🙁

Anyway I wanted to ask you guys a question…

We have a lot of organizations that cater to black culture like NSBE (National Black Society of Engineers), Black Greek Organizations, ETC. ETC….  I know at one time in society, we needed these organizations because everything else excluded us.  But are they still valid?  Do we just self-segregate at this point?  And if so, why?

But I’m getting off track here.  Those weren’t my original questions.  My question is if white people had an organization that catered to whites only, like the White Society of Engineers,  do they have a right to?  I’m sure most people would look at that name and think, “OMG! That sounds like the engineering arm of the Ku Klux Klan!!!”  But I mean seriously, if there was a group of white kids that said, “Hey there is an engineering association out there for every other race. Why can’t we have one”,  would they be wrong?    I’m not saying it’s an association that is truly whites only, but it caters to white culture… just like Black Greek organizations cater to black culture, but are no longer exclusively black.   Sidenote:  How crazy is it crazy to see a white guy outstep his bruhs?

There would be many arguments about it here.  I could see both sides.  One could say that any organization that doesn’t exclusive cater to a race is by default a white organization.  But is that true or is it what I asked early?  Do we self-segregate?  Do we not go to those country clubs because they said no blacks allowed at one time and we lived with that limitation?  What say you my fellow nerds?

Can Black People Be Racist?

ClaytonBigsby Hethoughthewaswhite Can Black People Be Racist?

In the continuation of our Black in America series, we are going to ask a question… Can black people be racist?

Well I’m not sure about this one. I think it would all depend on what your definition of racism is. My definition would be…preconceived ideas about a group of people based on skin color, physical features, and cultural background. And being racist for me isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like a good stereotype is to say that, “all Asians are good a math”… That is a blatantly racist statement, but I don’t think anybody would get offended by being called smart.

But for this particular question I think we have to look at racism in its more common negative tone. A racist statement like, “all Black people like watermelon and chicken”. Again I’m not so offended by that because I like both of those things. Not because I’m black, but because they are delicious.

Well one of my clear friends says the other day that Black people can’t be racist. The only people that can be racist is the race that is in the majority. That race is the power race because of its majority and can oppress other races based on their race. And through his definition he could be right.

So I guess the question is whose definition is right? Can black people be racist, based on either definition? Do we get a pass for the simple hardships we’ve dealt with in this country? Is there a clearer definition of racism? My fellow nerds please pontificate.

Let’s Just Be Honest With Ourselves.

Well your nerds have decided to do their own version of Black in America (shouts out to Soledad O’Brien)…

Our first entry basically aims to dispel some of the lies that black people have told themselves since the days we sang (yes I said sang) Negro spirituals outside the church.

Ced barberhop Lets Just Be Honest With Ourselves.

1.  In the words of Ced from The Barbershop,  “OJ did it”.  Yeah I said it.  If you’ll beat a woman, you’ll kill a woman.  I can’t believe this fool broke the law again after all we’ve done to stand behind him.

2.  We are more racist than white people.  (later on this week we will talk about whether or not black people can be racist).  So let me say it like this, we sterotype more than other races.   We do it a lot when it come to our own race.

3.  For the young people being hood is neither cool or the norm.  I don’t know about you, but for half my childhood I grew up in the hood.   Then we move “out there ’round them white peoples” and trust me the hood is not better.  I like a clean neighborhood without crime.   And in the words of one of my favorite rapper’s 607… “you ain’t real cause you grew up po’ (poor)”.

4.  Being hated on is not a good thing.  I mean don’t get me wrong you are going to have haters.  And it is probably a sign you are doing something good.  But don’t relish in the fact you have haters.  Make it your mission to better mankind so people don’t hate on each other.   I listen to rappers today and they act like it’s a good thing other people want to KILL them.  That is insane!  I don’t want people to kill me because I’m doing well.  That’s nothing to be proud of.

5. We like buffoonery.  That is the only way shows like Flavor, New York, Real and Chance, Cupid and all those other love shows stay on the air.  And for a special pungent brew let me throw in a dash of BET and some Georgia Peaches from the Real House wives of Atlanta.