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W.H.I.T.E (White Humans Instituting Typical Exclusion)

whites only W.H.I.T.E (White Humans Instituting Typical Exclusion)


Yesterday we talked about whether black people could be racist.  As always, there were inconclusive findings.  🙁

Anyway I wanted to ask you guys a question…

We have a lot of organizations that cater to black culture like NSBE (National Black Society of Engineers), Black Greek Organizations, ETC. ETC….  I know at one time in society, we needed these organizations because everything else excluded us.  But are they still valid?  Do we just self-segregate at this point?  And if so, why?

But I’m getting off track here.  Those weren’t my original questions.  My question is if white people had an organization that catered to whites only, like the White Society of Engineers,  do they have a right to?  I’m sure most people would look at that name and think, “OMG! That sounds like the engineering arm of the Ku Klux Klan!!!”  But I mean seriously, if there was a group of white kids that said, “Hey there is an engineering association out there for every other race. Why can’t we have one”,  would they be wrong?    I’m not saying it’s an association that is truly whites only, but it caters to white culture… just like Black Greek organizations cater to black culture, but are no longer exclusively black.   Sidenote:  How crazy is it crazy to see a white guy outstep his bruhs?

There would be many arguments about it here.  I could see both sides.  One could say that any organization that doesn’t exclusive cater to a race is by default a white organization.  But is that true or is it what I asked early?  Do we self-segregate?  Do we not go to those country clubs because they said no blacks allowed at one time and we lived with that limitation?  What say you my fellow nerds?