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Getting to Know You…

date 0 300x235 Getting to Know You...

Let’s look at a few scenarios:

Scenario 1: A man and woman go out on a first date.  They catch a hilarious movie, and exchange small talk before and during the movie.  After the movie, they go to a wine bar for drinks and conversation.

Scenario 2: An attractive, young, professional woman meets a man who seems to “have it all together.”  On the surface, he meets all of her standards and criteria.  After a couple of dates, she decides to friend him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and stalk check out his tweets and status messages from time to time.  She finds that he acts one way with her, yet his tweets and status updates depict an insecure, misoginistic, guy with a potty mouth and a slight obession with Justin Bieber.

Scenario 3: A man and woman, who just met two weeks ago, have been having lunch together 3-4 times a week ever since.  Each lunch date consists of laughs, jokes, discussions on intriguing topics, and deep conversation.

Scenario 4: A couple has been dating exclusively for 2 months.  The relationship is new.   The guy describes his girlfriend as kind, patient, and down to earth.  The lady describes her boyfriend as caring, sweet, and patient.  One day, the woman decides to treat herself to a $150 pair of shoes.  Upon leaving the mall, the woman’s car won’t start.   She calls her man to pick her up.  He just sat in the chair at the barbershop, and said he’ll be there as soon as he gets out the chair.  She hangs up on him.  When he finally arrives, she gets in the car with a visible attitude, clutching her shopping bags, and makes a snarky remark toward him.  He makes a snarky remark back.  They end up arguing in the car and cussing each other out.  During the argument, they both call each other out their names.

Scenario 5: A woman meets a man at a lounge, and is really interested.  They exchange numbers, and agree to go out on a date.  Before going out on a date, the woman decides to look up the man one of those “people finder” sites (that shows public court documents, criminal history, etc.), and finds that he has a criminal record due to a incident that occurred 10 years prior.


Out of all these scenarios, (assuming the goal is getting to know someone else and not to just end up in a relationship) which one do YOU believe is the ideal way to really get to know someone?

Things My White Friends Have Put Me Onto…

asherroth Things My White Friends Have Put Me Onto...

You know what?  Once you get past slavery, Jim Crow, blank stares when you walk into an all white establishment, and Republicans… white people are pretty cool.  My white friends have put me on to a lot of things that not only enhance my kickin’ it, but have opened my eyes to a lot of cool things I otherwise didn’t know existed. 

And you know what?  I like it!  I mean being a black male is hard enough, but trying to be black?  That’s a full time job with part time benefits.  It’s too hard, it’s closed-minded, and it’s fake to say the least.  Why should I have to walk around with a mean-mug on, lookin’ like I got the bitter-beer-face 24-7 while listening to nothing but DMX, Gucci Mane, and Maino?  Why should I have to drink glorified kool aid grape drink and Tampico thinking I’m really getting vitamins & minerals?  Why should Tiny & Toya, Real Chance of Love, and 106 & Park be my must-see-TV?  Oh no, sir!  I need variety.  It’s not about being black.  It’s about being a well-rounded person. 

So today is my ode to a few things white people have put me on… things that I thoroughly enjoy:

1) Jager Bombs – It’s Jagermeister.  It’s Red Bull.  You can’t lose with that.  Jagermeister actually tastes better than Patron, and it’s more potent!

2) How I Met Your Mother – This show is hilariousness.  I’m thoroughly convinced that Goldy or Iceberg Slim imparted all of their knowledge into Barney Stinson. 

3) Judd Apatow – The director of Knocked Up, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Funny People, etc. 

4) Irish Coffee – It can wake you up and cure/cause a hangover.

5) Bars – When you get a table at the club, it’s usually in VIP.  When you get a table at the bar, it’s free.  And it’s the perfect balance of drinking, dancing if you want to, mingling, or just chilling with whoever you came with.

These are just a few of mine.  Name a few things your white friends have put you on…