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Debt Ceiling Cliffnotes

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If you’re confused about all of the talk in the news about debt ceilings, taxes, government shutdowns, and what not, no need to worry about what it all means.  Here at The Cool Table, we’ll explain it simple and plain:

1) In 2001 we decided to cut taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

2) September 11 happened.  Then we decided to go to war.  Wars costs lots of money.

3) Two wars and a financial bailout later, it’s time to pay the piper.  The thing is, we’ve reached the limit on what we can borrow.  No more can be borrowed unless we raise the “debt ceiling,” or limit on what we can borrow.  It’s similar to you calling your credit card company and asking them to raise the limit on your Visa card.

4) Our government runs on a budget.  In order to pay for things, we need money.  If the “credit limit” isn’t increased, then we can’t pay for things, much less make payments on what we already owe.  So we have to borrow more money, bring more money in, and stop spending on certain things.

5) Traditionally, Democrats believe in using revenue from taxes to pay for things.  Traditionally, Republicans believe in lower taxes, in hopes that those who hold most of the wealth will use the tax savings to do things like create jobs, invest, etc.  With more jobs, then you have more people paying taxes.  With more investing, you can tax money made from investments rather than incomes.  Hopefully, that would offset money not coming in from income taxes.

6) We can’t really agree on which approach is best, so we argue, give long speeches, debate, and accuse each other on TV.  Oh, and some of the people in charge who hold elected positions are afraid of not being re-elected.  Therefore, they hold on to traditional beliefs regardless of how it will affect the country.

There you have it!  Now that you know, what do you think the best approach is?

Bin Laden’s Death Should Be Celebrated…

Americans Celebrate BinLaden Death 300x169 Bin Ladens Death Should Be Celebrated...

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

When news spread Sunday night about Bin Laden’s death, video started circulating which showed Americans celebrating his death.  In D.C., Americans gathered in front of the White House.  In New York, Americans took to the streets in jubilee.  Survivors and families of 9/11 victims cried.  Chants were shouted in patriotic unison.  The national anthem was sung.  But more than pride, there was an overwhelming sense of relief. 

This is the reason why Bin Laden’s death should be celebrated.  It’s a relief.  There are those who feel uneasy about the excessive celebrating.  There are those who may feel the celebrating was hypocritical for those who consider themselves Christian or religious in any way.  The fact of the matter is that Bin Laden declared war on the United States of America.  He declared war on western civilization.  He declared war on any sympathizers of America, including other coutries that were predominantly Muslim.  He took credit for the U.S. Embassy bombings of 1998.  He took credit for the 9/11 attacks.  He killed thousands of people, including many Muslims.  He was a murderer. 

The death of Bin Laden is bigger than Bin Laden himself.  The death of Bin Laden is not the death of terrorism itself.  The death of Bin Laden in itself is the death of an ideal.  It is the death of a symbol.  In a sense, it was closure.  And the act of celebrating is a projected demonstration of the sense of closure that Americans have been seeking for ten years.

Sometimes, when you read a book, you may re-read it many times over.  Sometimes you get stuck on a particular chapter.  You may find yourself losing sleep, eyes heavy, from searching for meaning.  Sometimes you just want to finish the chapter so that you can rest… knowing that you’ll pick the book back up the next day to start a new chapter and search for new meanings.   

We know this isn’t the end of the book, but it is the end of a chapter.  We can rest… for now.

What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Michael Eric Dyson 241x300 What Have You Done for Me Lately?

Apparently, Barack Obama hasn’t done enough for black people.

Black leader intellectual, Michael Eric Dyson, in a talk in Iowa last week, made a comment about President Obama’s lack of dialogue on race:

“What difference does it make to have a black president? Maybe not a damn thing. Maybe it’s worse than a white president, ’cause he won’t even talk about race.”

Dyson continued, “I love him, but I will not be silenced.  I’m not asking you to speak up (for black communities) ’cause you’re a black man. I’m asking you to speak up ’cause you’re the president.”

*First of all, if you’re somewhat familiar with Michael Eric Dyson, and have ever heard him speak (whether in person or on tv/radio), then you probably know this “talk” was full of all the Dictionary.com Words of the Day from January 1, 2011 through February 17, 2011.   If you’re also familiar with Dyson, then you know that black leaders intellectuals like him believe that anything black, or race related, is their bailiwick.  But that is neither here nor there….  I receive the daily Word of the Day from Dictionary.com, and I just wanted to use, “bailiwick,” in a sentence.

Back to Dyson, he’s earned his title as an intellectual.  He’s a tenured professor at Georgetown.  Last time I checked, that was a pretty decent school.  Being that Dyson is an intellectual, he should know that politics is a way harsher game than the lecture circuit which he frequents.  A few points:

-President Obama, in some circles, is viewed as a Nazi Socialist who wants to ruin America.  His every political move is challenged and questioned.  Some people don’t even believe he is an American citizen.  Despite undeniable proof of his citizenship, these same people still believe his mama paid the State of Hawaii to cover it up.   He has professed his Christian faith numerous times, yet people still believe he is a Muslim (like there is something wrong with him being a Muslim).  Even during the 2008 campaign, a simple sign of support, affection, and “I got your back,” with his wife was lauded as a “terrorist fist bump.”  White Whitmore fear is at an all-time high.  Yet, you want him to stand up and speak more about how black folks can’t catch a break race when white people overwhelmingly voted him in?  That would be political suicide.

– If Dyson would recall, one of Obama’s shining moments came in 2008, in the wake of the Reverend Wright issues.  Obama gave one of the most impressive, moving, and insightful speeches on race in recent memory.  If you go back and read that speech, Obama not only started a dialogue on race, but he sparked a dialogue on the idea of a post-racial America.

– Just the mere fact that Obama is the first black president has done more for black people since King and the Civil Rights Movement.  When teachers and adults tell black kids that they can be anything in the world, including president, then they are no longer selling a dream.  It actually happened.  And if it actually happened, then it can happen again.  Black kids now have more to aspire to than rapping, singing, playing sports, or acting.

– Barack Obama is the president of the United States of America, not just black people.  With that said…

How about we focus on getting him re-elected?  Follow me on this…

Everyone knows that President Obama is seeking re-election for a second term.  The Rethuglicans know that they have no viable candidate who can beat Obama right now.  During his first term, Obama has had to govern from the center.  In other words, he’s had to walk on eggshells and concede on issues he really believes in for the greater good.

Now imagine a black president in his second term, with no possibility of being re-elected.  If Obama is re-elected in 2012, then I’m predicting 2016 will be when he goes on his When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong tour.  He’ll be unfiltered.  He’ll be on his way out of office.  He will have the platform to say and do all the things he has always wanted to say since 2009.  Us black people might even get reparations checks out of the whole thing!  Who knows?  I just think that by 2015-2016, we could get this version of the president.

So my plea to Michael Eric Dyson is simple:  DON’T MESS THIS UP!

What do you think?  Should Obama talk more about race?  Is Obama doing enough for race relations?

Baracka Flacka Flames: Are You Offended?

I came across this video surfing the web a while ago.  I put off watching it, and finally decided to check it out today:

First off, this video is hilarious!  This is one of the better impersonations of President of Obama I’ve seen since he became president.  Now, I know what some of you are thinking:

“I’m so appalled!”

“This sets black people back xx amount of years…”

“This is ignorant.”

“How could someone make such an ignorant video?!”

Let’s see what Waka Flocka Flame and his mother/manager had to say about the video:

“That they used it to be so sarcastic; it was almost a form of disrespect.”

“That’s not a positive image for us, period, as African-Americans, where we came from, where we’re going today.”

Ohhhhh reallllllyyyyyy now?!

Here’s the video that the Baracka Flocka Flame parody video is based on:

And here’s explicit version of the original song in case you couldn’t fill in the blanks in the video above:

Yeah… I’m sure Waka Flocka’s song/video are positive images of African-Americans, where we came from, and where we’re going today…

What do you think?  Are you offended by the parody of Waka Flocka/President Obama?  Did you find the video funny?  Thoughts?

Let’s Reflect… (And Late Happy New Year!)

pensando 300x239 Lets Reflect... (And Late Happy New Year!)

Late happy new year, and welcome to 2010!

It’s been a while since our last post, but it’s a new year & a new decade.  We have big things in store for this year, so continue checking us out daily (and subscribing) to witness greatness in action.

Before we hit you with the money shot that is all this greatness, it’s only right that we reflect on the previous decade.  What’s the best way to do that?

With lists of course!

So today, at the Cool Table, we present to you the best & worst of the decade!

Best Hip Hop Album: College Dropout.  And we’re not just saying that because Entertainment Weekly said so.  Kanye’s debut album was the reincarnation of Tribe Called Quest & De La Soul.  It made it cool once again to be the everyday, average, black guy without a jail record, who wasn’t doing drive-by’s  while flipping 200 ki’s in a song.  He was the precursor of the Drakes, Kid Cudis, Cool Kids, and J Coles of today.

Company of the Decade: Google. Google is worth billions in stocks, but isn’t really worth anything tangible on paper.  They’re just a huge advertising company.  But as of today, they’re simultaneously giving Microsoft and Apple a run for their money… and they can tell you what you had for breakfast this morning.  Beware of big bro…

Chick who ran ish this decade: Beyonce. She can sing, dance, halfway act, yodel, and probably hook up a batch of chicken spaghetti at the same time.  Women love her.  Guys want to be with her.  A few ghey guys probably want to be her.

NBA Team of the decade: Lakers. L.A. had 4 titles this previous decade.  The Spurs have 3.  Miami has 1.  Detroit has 1. Boston has 1.  Lakers win by default.

NFL Team of the decade: Colts. I know.  I know.  Patriots this…. Steelers that… but I’m a Colts fan, so I’m going to hijack and enjoy our one title last decade this moment.

MLB Team of the decade: Red Sox. I’m a Yankees fan, but the Red Sox overcame the Babe Ruth curse… and won again.

Best hustle: Kim Kardashian. Judy from Family Matters parlayed a stint on a sitcom into a p.orn career.  Kim Kardashian parlayed a stint in doggystyle into a sitcom.  It’s the American dream in action!

Greatest moment of the decade: Obama. Nuff said.

Worst moment of the decade: September 11, 2001. Katrina comes in 2nd with an  Epic fail on the government’s part.

Do you agree?  Disagree?  What would you recommend for best rock album of the decade?  Worst person of the decade?  Best website?  Epic fail of the decade?