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Cool Things: Pandora Adds Comedy

Pandora RadioLarge 300x300 Cool Things: Pandora Adds Comedy


“Pandora has expanded from music to jokes with the addition of 10,000 comedy clips from more than 700 comedians to its Internet radio service.”

If you have the Pandora app on your smartphone, then I recommend Chris Rock, Louis CK, Jim Gaffigan, Donald Glover, and of course Kevin Hart.

Bin Laden’s Death Should Be Celebrated…

Americans Celebrate BinLaden Death 300x169 Bin Ladens Death Should Be Celebrated...

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

When news spread Sunday night about Bin Laden’s death, video started circulating which showed Americans celebrating his death.  In D.C., Americans gathered in front of the White House.  In New York, Americans took to the streets in jubilee.  Survivors and families of 9/11 victims cried.  Chants were shouted in patriotic unison.  The national anthem was sung.  But more than pride, there was an overwhelming sense of relief. 

This is the reason why Bin Laden’s death should be celebrated.  It’s a relief.  There are those who feel uneasy about the excessive celebrating.  There are those who may feel the celebrating was hypocritical for those who consider themselves Christian or religious in any way.  The fact of the matter is that Bin Laden declared war on the United States of America.  He declared war on western civilization.  He declared war on any sympathizers of America, including other coutries that were predominantly Muslim.  He took credit for the U.S. Embassy bombings of 1998.  He took credit for the 9/11 attacks.  He killed thousands of people, including many Muslims.  He was a murderer. 

The death of Bin Laden is bigger than Bin Laden himself.  The death of Bin Laden is not the death of terrorism itself.  The death of Bin Laden in itself is the death of an ideal.  It is the death of a symbol.  In a sense, it was closure.  And the act of celebrating is a projected demonstration of the sense of closure that Americans have been seeking for ten years.

Sometimes, when you read a book, you may re-read it many times over.  Sometimes you get stuck on a particular chapter.  You may find yourself losing sleep, eyes heavy, from searching for meaning.  Sometimes you just want to finish the chapter so that you can rest… knowing that you’ll pick the book back up the next day to start a new chapter and search for new meanings.   

We know this isn’t the end of the book, but it is the end of a chapter.  We can rest… for now.

Cabin Fever Epiphany

heres johnny 300x227 Cabin Fever Epiphany

Everyone get ready.  There will be a huge baby boom from Sept-Nov this year.   Why you ask?  Because there are 8 inches of snow on the ground in freakin’ Arkansas… Freakin’ Arkansas!!! Not to mention, this is like the third snow of the season.  And of course people are getting there bam-chicka-wah-wah on. (Cuddling weather, I believe they call this.)

So needless to say I have been stuck in the house all day because of this weather, and I have a serious case of cabin fever.  I’m not a homebody, so anything that keeps me in the house for long periods of time makes me a little crazy.

On second thought, I actually do spend quite of bit of time at home. But anytime I HAVE to stay in doors it causes me some issues.  As long as I know I can go somewhere I’m good.

Which brings me to today’s discussion/question?  Why do we want what we can’t have?

As long as I know I can go somewhere I’m good even if I have no intentions of leaving the house.  But as soon as I can’t go anywhere I’m going stir crazy.

And we do it in all parts of life:

-Jobs you don’t even want, but you get mad when you don’t get them.

-If you’re a guy, and you try to get a girl’s number, and she rejects you, you get mad.  But you were just hollering at her cause you were bored.  You weren’t even going to call her…lol

I believe that is why people consume sooo much.  When people finally get money, they buy stuff they couldn’t get when they were broke.  They bought what they couldn’t have.  Unfortunately a lot of people are still left empty.

So shed light on this for me.  Why do people want what they can’t have?

Now I Ain’t Sayin’ He a Gold Digger, Actually I Am

jonathan plummer Now I Aint Sayin He a Gold Digger, Actually I Am 

And ode to the great African-American Gigolo , Jonathan Plummer.

 I can’t believe she didn’t see that.  I mean he looks like a feminine Prince.

So I was asked the question the other day… “Can men be Gold Diggers?”  And the only reply I could think of was, “Is John McCain Old?”  Of course men can be Gold Diggers.  But to be honest any man that tries to live off a woman, and cannot contribute anything, can’t really be called a man.

Well the background story to this question was that this young lady had a man trying to court her.  Before they ever went on a date he was asking for phone bill money.  She told him no and he went on to the next John… or Jeannette.  My prostitution allusion didn’t go as well as I thought it would right there.  Moving along… Anyway ladies yes there are male gold diggers.  And here are 5 signs of the male Gold Digger:

  1.  He wants you to take him out for the first or subsequent dates.  Now I don’t have a problem if every once in a while my lady wanted to take me out.  But I wouldn’t want to make it a habit where she is taking me out all the time.
  2. He’s asking for help on specific bills.  Your first question should be… “How were you getting by before you met me?”
  3. He seems to have possessions that can’t be paid for by his current salary.  He has a high rise apartment downtown with new furniture, but works at McDonald’s.  See also drug dealer, robber, etc.
  4. He’s always talking about something he needs and mentioning the upcoming holidays.  Almost hinting at something.
  5. He’s always talking about how broke he is.

I just noticed these same rules apply to women.  Well these are your rules for the day.  Please govern yourselves accordingly.  And if you have a few signs go ahead and drop me a few. 

-Trillionaire Wood


untitled BOUGIE

The other day, I was having a conversation with some friends about Scotch.  One friend mentioned he had bought a cheaper scotch, and then bought a more expensive aged brand that he said basically made the other scotch taste like Heaven’s Hill.  And if you been broke and in college , you know what Heaven’s Hill is… Or Maybe Quality House was your cup of tea! Anyway… Another friend chimed in and basically said that people buy things like 10 year old Scotch because they want to be seen, not because they actually like it.  And to some extent I can agree with him.  But on the other hand I do a lot of bougie stuff because I like it… Things such as going to nice restaurants, staying in nice hotel rooms, etc.  The other side to it is things that cost more are better.  This may be true to an extent, but not always.  But trust me there is a difference between Grey Goose and Moonshine.   There is a difference between the Motel 6 and the W.   So I have to ask you guys:  When are you being bougie for the sake of being bougie, and when are you doing it because you like or it’s just better?  Here are some rules for me:

1. If you don’t like it but you buy it anyway, you’re being bougie. I smoked a cigar the other day.  And I hated it.  (I think anybody that gets to the point of even being a smoker has some serious psychological issues.)  But I was in an atmosphere where that’s what people did.  They smoked expensive cigars.  So I had to have me an expensive cigar wit my bougie butt.

2. If you have to tell everybody you doing it, you are being bougie. A person truly comfortable with themselves will never have to flaunt the fact that they have something nice.  Wit yo’ bougie butt.

3. When you buy the more expensive brand even when the cheaper brand is the same. I have found supermarket brand is okay for me.  Great Value & Equate will suffice.  So stop buying the expensive stuff.  Wit yo’ shopping, bougie butt!!!

4. When you only open yourself up to one kind of culture. I can just as easily be seen listening to Lil’ Wayne and playing spades drinking a beer as I can be seen drinking wine at an art gallery opening.  Stop taking yourself too seriously… Wit yo’ drunk, bougie butt!!!

That’s all I got.  What about you?  Any other ways to know you are bougie and not just enjoying yourself?  Do you have any stories of you or someone else acting bougie and you felt like slapping the bougie out of them?  Let me know.