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2nd Chances

As an African American male I understand the stigma that society can place on you without a record.  I can only imagine how it views you once you have one.  Most people say once  man has gone to jail it’s likely he will end back up there.  One of the main reasons is that he can’t find a job because he’s a ex-convict.  So what is a guy to do.  Well there is one group out there that is giving ex-cons (please tell me if that’s politically incorrect) a second chance.  And their aptly named Second Chance Enterprises.  They hire ex-cons to run their businesses.  I have heard a lot of people don’t like the idea, but I think it’s great.  What do you guys think?

Here is a story on their Restaurant Business….



Should We Still Segregate Ourselves

Shouts out to Heaven for the article…

Not sure about this. Sounds great from the aspect of seeing black men doing big things. But I always wonder if there is a negative aspect of segregating ourselves. How can we ever be equal if we segregate ourselves?

What do you guys think?

gradient Should We Still Segregate Ourselves News Alert
Finding and Retaining a Black Lawyer Just Got EasierFirst and Only Black-Owned Nationwide Legal Services Company Launches and Aims To Help Disadvantaged and Underserved Communities

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nlg black lawyers Should We Still Segregate Ourselves
Made up entirely of Black male lawyers, National Law Group is the first and only Black-owned national legal services company.

Nationwide — National Law Group (NLG) has made history. They are the first and only Black-owned coalition of law firms that offers legal services to customers nationwide. Recently launched, the company is made up entirely of talented and experienced Black lawyers that have collectively won more than $50 million in verdict settlements. They have nearly 100 years in combined experience.

Located around the country in major cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Jackson, MS, Memphis, Washington, DC and more, the company has a reach to nearly 70% of all African Americans who live in this country. They offer their clients (individuals and families) affordable representation in nearly every legal area including: Racial Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Age Discrimination, Family Law (Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody), Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Wrongful Death, Medical Malpractice, and more. They are a full-service, one-shop stop.

Via their online presence at BlackLawyers.NET, their aim is to especially help African Americans because of the limited availability of legal assistance and resources that’s very common in urban communities.

“Our goal is to offer an affordable and quality legal service to the African American market,” says Carlos Moore, president and managing partner of the company. “In addition, we want to be role models. It’s important for young Black kids to see young Black men that can work together as attorneys across the country in one big, national company.” Moore, who is a member of the national board of directors of the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., recently won a $12 million jury verdict for a former hoops star left a paraplegic after being inadvertently shot in a nightclub.

Other founding members of the company include: attorneys Bert Jennings, Bryan Wallace, Carl L. Collins, Carlos E. Moore, Jason C. Crump, John A. Moore, John W. Turner, Rodney F. Barganier, Ronald E. Dupree, Trent A. McCain, and Warren McKenna. They all met each other last year in San Diego at the National Bar Association Annual Convention, and were inspired after hearing Dr. Randal Pinkett speak at the Young Lawyers Division Annual Luncheon. After brainstorming about how to support each other, they decided to collaborate and form the only nationwide Black-owned law firm consortium. Just like that, history was made!

Interested ones who need a lawyer for any reason can get a free consultation by going online to www.BlackLawyers.NET or by calling (866) 654-2727.
Carlos E. Moore

Bad Taste in My Mouth

cupid Bad Taste in My Mouth

Valentines Day leaves a bad taste in my mouth like those nasty little chalky hearts with the stupid messages.

necco sweethearts Bad Taste in My Mouth

Well the 3 of you that read this blog on the regular know I’m not big on holidays, so you already know that Valentines Day is just another day to me.  I hate the idea that I’m required to show you love on one day a year.  And the only reason it hurts low self-esteem having women people is because they are comparing their situation to others.  Well let me give you some reasons to stop worrying about if you didn’t get any Valentines Day goodies from your loved one.

1.  She may get a red heart full of chocolates today, but a red eye full of swelling tomorrow….  Sometimes big displays of love is just for show.  Is he/she treating them with respect the rest of the year?

2.  Is every day like Valentines day?  Going with point # 1.  Do you get flowers every day anyway.  Then why trip on the one day of year when people jack up the price of everything because they know you will be in the dog house if you don’t buy them.  It’s simple economics people.

3.  Do y’all have the money for what you want?  I say it like my mother use to tell me…

Me: “I want some Jordans!”

Ma Dukes (I’ve always wanted to say that): “You got some Jordan money?”


Maybe he decided a long time ago since you raised hell because he didn’t buy you that diamond necklace that you wanted and made you a heart out of construction paper because that’s all he could afford.  It was either diamonds or rent, he decided to opt for keeping a roof over your head.

My fellow nerds…  Am I just being mean and cynical or is Valentines day just another overrated holiday?  Or am I just mad I didn’t get anything for V-Day?

Trillionair€ Wood


Wood the Gr€at


Wood L. J€nkins

Dude! Where’s my David?

censored david 227x300 Dude! Wheres my David?

This year marks my 10 year High School Reunion, and I’m sure this will be an interesting event.  Watching people compare their lives with their peers…  Seeing who has done well…  Seeing who has not…  Seeing how Agnes burst out that 300lb cocoon of fat, braces, and think glasses to become jet beauty of the week…  Seeing who reverted back to a Neanderthal…  Seeing who is still reminiscing on the 4 touch downs they scored in a single game.   Like I said…

This is going to be interesting.

But I won’t lie, I did take some time to think about the last ten years of my life, the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens.  And I asked myself, “Is this where I wanted to be?”  The answer is simple:  Hell no!  I was “conversating” with my boy the other day and he put it all into perspective.  He asked the question… “Where is my David?”

I asked him to explain himself.  He went on to say that David was one of Michelangelo’s greatest masterpieces and he created by the age of 25.  Now I’ve done some great things in my day, but to create a sculpture that has been world renown for centuries has far surpassed that one legendary house party I threw that everybody came to.

Well, this is put up or shut up time.  I could have taken time to do the usual stuff people do.  Make excuses as to why I don’t have my masterpiece…my poor background, Michelangelo isn’t the norm, etc.  But I decided to ask myself constructively why I hadn’t created my David, and I implore you to ask yourself the same.  These are the reasons I feel like my David is still a huge block of marble…

1. No focus… I, like most people at this point in my life, spent a lot of time on delusions of grandeur.  Not that dreams aren’t great.  But stop dreaming and get to work.  Time.  “she keeps on passin’ me by”.

2. You slacker… I bet if anyone looks at their life they don’t realize just how much time their wasting.  I mean you are reading a blog right now from a no-talent writer and I’m sure there is something more important you could be doing.

3.   No plans… I don’t know how many times I have heard, “N!gga we about to be big on this scene!!!”  Usually it surrounds the entertainment industry:  Rapping, promoting etc.  Like black people are only limited to that industry. (That’s another post entirely).  And generally their plans are worse than the underpants gnomes.

Gnomes plan Dude! Wheres my David?

4.  Too much fear… But what if I fail?   So what?!!  Learn from it, get up, and keep it moving.  Stop being a little Kobe ( it’s my new word for b!tch)

My fellow nerds what other advice do you have for me to inspire me to get my David done?

I’ll be back to read after I sit on the couch daydreaming about my many hustles that I won’t write down because I don’t feel like it and I’m too scared to try.

– Trillionaire Wood  a*k*a Wood the Great.

Haiti Earthquake = God’s Will?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or your George  W. Bush circa 2005 Hurricane Katrina your life has been enveloped in the crisis in Haiti…

Well of course you’re getting hit from all sides on this tragedy. 

Some people say don’t give because we are already giving money through income tax.

Some people say give because it’s right the right thing to do.

If there is an opinion on this issue, it has been voiced.  And you have had a chance to weigh in on it.

But I must say their are two opinions that seems to pull me in every time.

 One made by Pat Robertson of the 700 Club.  Mr. Robertson has said on his show…

“Something happened a long time ago in Haiti and people might not want to talk about it,” the televangelist said. “And they got together and swore a pact to the Devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you’ll get us free from the French.’ True story. And so the Devil said, ‘Okay, it’s a deal.’ . . . But ever since they have been cursed by one thing after another.”

So basically he’s saying they are cursed for what they did.  I’m not a fan of this comment because it’s based on speculative history.

But this is the one that really got me.

Rev. Eric Toussaint while addressing his congregation is quoted as saying…

“Why give thanks to God? Because we are here,” “What happened is the will of God.”

Now I could be totally misreading his  quotes and he may be saying that them surviving was the will of God, but it seems like he is saying the earthquake was the will of God.  That is about as believable as the plot for the movie Legion.

I have to say I’m totally in disagreement with both men.  I don’t believe that God goes around handing out punishment like water.  God loves us.  You can’t tell me in one breath God would give his only son so that the world be saved then go around killing people because he was angry with you or you made a pack with the devil.

What do you guys think?  Was the earthquake the will of God? 

-Trillionaire Wood


untitled BOUGIE

The other day, I was having a conversation with some friends about Scotch.  One friend mentioned he had bought a cheaper scotch, and then bought a more expensive aged brand that he said basically made the other scotch taste like Heaven’s Hill.  And if you been broke and in college , you know what Heaven’s Hill is… Or Maybe Quality House was your cup of tea! Anyway… Another friend chimed in and basically said that people buy things like 10 year old Scotch because they want to be seen, not because they actually like it.  And to some extent I can agree with him.  But on the other hand I do a lot of bougie stuff because I like it… Things such as going to nice restaurants, staying in nice hotel rooms, etc.  The other side to it is things that cost more are better.  This may be true to an extent, but not always.  But trust me there is a difference between Grey Goose and Moonshine.   There is a difference between the Motel 6 and the W.   So I have to ask you guys:  When are you being bougie for the sake of being bougie, and when are you doing it because you like or it’s just better?  Here are some rules for me:

1. If you don’t like it but you buy it anyway, you’re being bougie. I smoked a cigar the other day.  And I hated it.  (I think anybody that gets to the point of even being a smoker has some serious psychological issues.)  But I was in an atmosphere where that’s what people did.  They smoked expensive cigars.  So I had to have me an expensive cigar wit my bougie butt.

2. If you have to tell everybody you doing it, you are being bougie. A person truly comfortable with themselves will never have to flaunt the fact that they have something nice.  Wit yo’ bougie butt.

3. When you buy the more expensive brand even when the cheaper brand is the same. I have found supermarket brand is okay for me.  Great Value & Equate will suffice.  So stop buying the expensive stuff.  Wit yo’ shopping, bougie butt!!!

4. When you only open yourself up to one kind of culture. I can just as easily be seen listening to Lil’ Wayne and playing spades drinking a beer as I can be seen drinking wine at an art gallery opening.  Stop taking yourself too seriously… Wit yo’ drunk, bougie butt!!!

That’s all I got.  What about you?  Any other ways to know you are bougie and not just enjoying yourself?  Do you have any stories of you or someone else acting bougie and you felt like slapping the bougie out of them?  Let me know.

Don’t Wake Me, I’m Dreaming!!!

-shouts out to Christopher Williams.

SchoolDaze 746368 Don’t Wake Me, I’m Dreaming!!!



So, I was on my way to being the new Micheal “Blue” Williams minus the gorilla-like façade.  I was managing 5 musical acts and it seemed like everything was going good.  I was at the BET awards hanging out with celebrities doing my thing, driving the nicest cars, living in the biggest mansions, had an eight track stereo, color TV in every room, and could snort half a piece of dope every day.  It was the American dream, well ain’t it. Fool you better come on in.   So anyway I woke up and I realized I had just wasted 5 years of my life and I was still on the corner selling CD’s hoping to recoup what I spent at Wal-Mart the night before.


I won’t bad mouth any of the people I managed at the time, but I’ll just say some were easy to get along with and some weren’t.  At that point I heard Laurence Fishburne (Larry at the time) ringing the bell on the yard yelling, “Wake Up!”.  I had to realize that although it was possible to be a successful musical manager, I had to have a come the Jesus meeting with myself.  Even at the point that all my acts became successful, I would never make the type of money I was looking for.  I also didn’t love what I did.  I didn’t hate managing, but I didn’t get a sense of fulfillment that I needed.  And if I’m going to waste that much time I better be doing something I love.  If you don’t do what you love it doesn’t matter how much money you have.  Unless you’re Bill Gates and you can pay somebody to do it for you.


Why am I rambling about myself?  Well it’s like this.  I see a lot of people spending years chasing after dreams that won’t materialize.  I would never tell you to give up on your dreams.  But you have to have a reality check.  I fell into that trap of having to prove myself to everyone at the detriment of a lot of years of my youth.  Most people get caught in that idea that what we see on TV is real life and that we can have that.  People don’t live like they do on TV. 


So anyway I’m ringing the bell on you.  If you are trying to do any of these things.  WAKE UP!


1)      Professional Sports. Very few of us have the talent to master the sport.  And of those very few are smart enough to keep the money.  Statistics show “78% of former NFL players are broke or financially stressed after retirement, and 60% of former NBA players go broke five years after leaving the league”


2)      Music.  If I hear another ninja say he’s rapping/producing/singing/ now…I’m going to scream.  I’m so tired of that.  “Mayne we bout to get this paper.”  It’s not a quick hustle.  It takes at least 10 years to get on if you ever get on.  And when you do, YOU DON’T MAKE ANY MONEY!  Also, in the age of digital music, you’re a lame if you’re still on the corner selling your mixtape burned on a Maxell CD, with your rap name and title written on it with a permanent marker. 


3)      Acting.  See number 2 and add 10 more years.  Also, getting on a reality TV show and being a video hoe/model urban modeling aren’t legitimate paths to the Academy Awards.  With that said…


4)      Modeling. I don’t know any 5’2, 140 lbs models for Victoria’s Secret, Sports Illustrated, etc.  But I do know plenty of 5’2, 140 lbs models for Black Tail.  “Girl I’mma video hoefessional now”. I’m just saying…


5)      Fashion Design.  Which seems like if you do 1, 2, or 3 you have to do this.  Putting your name on some jeans doesn’t make them any better.  Putting your no name a** or logo on a shirt doesn’t make it better.  Unless it’s a Polo. 



6)      Network Marketing.  Shoulda been #1 to me… I must admit I’ve fell into the trap as a lot of students do coming out of college wanting to get a quick buck.  I’m not saying there isn’t money in it, but I’ve never seen the paper.  Plus they eerily resemble cults.  Shouts out to Tahitian Noni & Pre-Paid Legal.


What are some of the things you think people should give up on?  What are some dreams you had to give up on?