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N!gga, You Ain’t Gangsta!!!

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My partner in business, Southern Charm, wrote a post a couple of weeks back about Birdman and Lil’ Wayne and their affiliation with the Suu Woo nation.

Read it here 

In a nut shell he was saying that Birdman may be a gangsta, but at the end of the day it’s all about money.

Which brings me to my picture of the line up.  It’s safe to say that it represents a fair sampling of the most popular rappers out there.  And it’s also safe to say that these guys generally have very violent lyrics and talk about a life that is probably not true.

Rick Ross: Former Correctional Officer and College Graduate

Lil Wayne:  Was in College.  Now instead of Penn State he’s headed to the State Pen. And rumor has it that he never started cussing until he was 18.

Plies:  Have you heard the interview.  OMG!  This negro has better grammar that Cornell West…lol

T.I.:  Owns a construction company with his uncle.

Young Jeezy:  This cat may actually be gangsta.  I’ve never heard anything to the contrary.

But 1 out of 5 is not a good %. 

So why do they act that way?  Well duh!!!  It’s for the money.  I get that.  But my question becomes does life imitate art or does art imitate life?  And I really think it’s a cyclical thing.

I’m a grown man.  And in the past I have watched BET and have become desensitized to reality.  So for an impressionable youth, it is possible for them to watch a video, listen to a song, and believe that the song is actually real life.

So this is how I see rise of the Hip Hop Gangsta:  Groups like NWA come out.  They make money.  People listen to them and get desensitized to violence.  Now the record company sees it makes money and they have 100 new acts working the formula.  More people become desensitized.  Then people like Lil Wayne come along that don’t even rap like that.  But they want to work the formula.  So now Lil Wayne and the whole lot are gangsta.  Then I think what happens is these people begin to believe the bull they are peddling.  Birth to a Hip Hop gangsta.  Next thing you know he is being busted for having drugs and weapons. Which I’m almost convinced is a ploy by they higher ups to continue to paint the image. 

N!gga you not gangsta!

So the questions I pose to you…  Should these guys be censored?  Should they be allowed to rap and keep spreading the nonsense?  Is it the parents fault when kids act out the songs and videos? Is it cool to be gansta?


-Trillionaire Wood

Personal Responsibility: You’re Too Old to be Flaggin’!!!!!!!

117226 birdman jpga287018e6c18c2e075a52febd6723f36 Personal Responsibility: Youre Too Old to be Flaggin!!!!!!!

So I’m watching 106 & Park yesterday (yes, I like to keep up with what’s going on in pop culture), and Bryan “Baby” Williams aka Birdman is a guest on the show.  When they brought him out, the first thing I noticed was the red flag hanging out of his back-right jeans pocket.  No harm.  No foul. 

And then the coonery fukkery ensued.

After every segment where Terrance & Rocsi interviewed Birdman, I suppose he just felt the need to say, “Suuuu woooooo.”  I say felt the need because he said it after EVERY SEGMENT! 

*For the sheltered suburbanites For those who don’t know, Suu Wooo is a call sign or greeting that members of the Bloods use.

Now, we know Jay-Z is up there in age.  He’s 39 going on 40 this year.  Birdman is already 40.

There is a 40 year old man… tatted & flagged up… yelling, “Suuuu Wooooo,” in front of an audience of teenagers.  After the last segment of the interview where Birdman (I refuse to call him Baby lol) yelled, “Suuuuu Wooooo,” Rocsi started to say something about it while Terrance just put is head down and shook it.  Sad indeed.

Not only was this ignorant, irresponsible, and down right coonish… it misled a lot of impressionable kids who may have been watching that show.  It made gangs appear to be cool.  I’m sure many “affiliates” or people out there false-flaggin don’t even know the history behind what they’re reppin’. 

Some of the most popular gangs were born out of the Black Panther movement.  They were resurrected to protect communities.  The problem is that these communities soon became drug infested.  And where drugs are, there’s money to be made.  And these gangs soon were organized and centralized to get money and control their flow of money in the drug trade.  That’s it.  It’s about money.  You think Pookie got shot randomly for wearing the wrong color, in the wrong place, at the wrong time?  Maybe… But 9 times out of 10, Pookie got shot because his gang was interfering with another gang’s money.  My set controls this block.  You’re interfering with my money… simple as that. 

Think “The Wire,” but set in Compton instead of B-More…  Barksdale’s crew is the Crips and Proposition Joe’s crew is the Bloods.

Which brings us back to what it’s all about: the money.  Birdman is a businessman.  When Cash Money first came on the scene, Birdman & Lil Wayne weren’t reppin’ and flaggin’ like they are now.  I would argue that it would make more sense to do it then rather than now.  Gang culture’s popularity was at an all-time high in the 90’s.  But it’s sad to see a 40 year old man reppin’ like an ignorant 17 year old.  It’s the money.  I think as long as it’s profitable to drop it in a song that sells… then Birdman is all about it.  Just like money was behind gang violence, money is behind this nonsense. 

And Nas said it best: “What’s sad is I love you cause you’re my brother… you traded your soul for riches.”