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New Music Friday

newmusic New Music Friday

We’re all familiar with the Alicia Keys’s, Jay-Z’s, Beyonce’s, and Ne-Yo’s of the world.  But what about the up-and-coming artists?  What new artists are out there who have a serious buzz?

Today’s post is dedicated to new artists you may or may not have heard of.  Some you may recognize.  Some you may not.  However, like Lil’ Wayne and Lauren London, I’m here to put you up on that New-New. 

J. Cole – He is the first artist signed to Jay-Z’s Rocnation label.  He hails from Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Kanye built a buzz off of being a college dropout.  J. Cole graduated with a degree from St. John’s University.  Check him out: www.jcolemusic.com

Melanie Fiona – She’s Guyanese.  She can sing.  She can actually sing live.  Her album is nice with sprinkles of island flavor in it.  Check her out: www.melaniefiona.com

607 – He’s in the Guiness Book of World Records for creating the first rap verse to make sense when read backwards and forwards.  He’s a hybrid of sorts, can freestyle, battle, and make great songs.  Check him out: www.myspace.com/607

Suga City – Hailing from Arkansas, this rap duo recently earned a spot on the popular Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare video game soundtrack.  They are definitely not your stereotypical southern mc’s.  Check them out: www.myspace.com/sugacity

Bridget Kelly– I heard her sing at a Jay-Z show recently.  She was filling in for Alicia Keys, singing the hook for Empire State of Mind.  Man, did she KILL it!  I haven’t heard any original material from her yet, but I’m waiting.  I do have her Twitter page.  Check her out: http://twitter.com/TheycallmeBK

That’s just a short list for now.  What other artists out there are we sleeping on?  What do you think about those mentioned above?  Share names and links to their music if you can.

The Stupid Things We Do for the Ill Na Na

 TheFriendZone The Stupid Things We Do for the Ill Na Na

Wale aka  MC Mediocre-as-h3ll has a cold song with J. Cole and Currency.

Check it out here…


 J Cole is heard saying…

“Because that b00ty mad thick behind ya juicy a$$ lips/

I’m tryin’ to get ya hot and wet, ya know jacuzzi that sh!t/

Then I’m bustin like a oozie in this bougie a$$ chick/

The only reason that I put up with this moody a$$ b!tch…is you.”

This song is very creative, but basically puts into perspective a man’s mindstate when it comes to a lot of women.  I actually have two topics I’ll discuss on this.  Today, we’ll discuss “stoopid” stuff men say to themselves to justify getting it in with a girl they can’t stand.  Tomorrow I’ll enlighten the women-ses to the game on when you are with someone or he is just tolerating you for the Ill na na.

 Anyway here are the top ten things I think men say to themselves when they mess with a chick who they really don’t like for the lovin’.  (Shouts out to David Letterman).

 10. Oh she’s not that crazy.  (she only scratched my car up, cut the tires, and busted out the windows once.)

 9. This is the last time.

 8. I’mma leave that alone when I find something better.

 7.  But do you see her booty/breast/legs/etc.?????

 6. I put too much time into getting this. a*k*a I warmed this slot machine up and I’m not letting the next fool hit the jack pot.

 5. But I’m horny

 4. I’m drunk sooo… LOL

 3. She the best I ever had (Shouts out to Drake aka MC Starting-to-Disappoint-Me.)

 2.  I’m used to this chick.

 And the number 1 thing men say to themselves when messing with a chick for the lovin’.

 1. Eh she’s here…

 We are so simple it’s pathetic…LOL   My fellow Nerds give me some more reasons.

-Trillionaire Wood