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Growing Out of the Club

Night At The Roxbury 225x300 Growing Out of the Club

You know… at some point, in life, you have to grow up.  There are certain people you have to disassociate with, and certain places, where said people congregate, that you have to stop going to.  One of these places is the club.

I’m not talking about being uppity.  It’s not that you went and got that certificate from ITT, and now you wanna go acting all brand new.  No, you simply have to grow up.  As you continue to grow, mature, and move up in life, your future gets brighter.  You have goals.  You have aspirations.  Some people have families to take care of.  It’s not that you’re too good to certain places.  You just have a future, and don’t want to throw it away by putting yourself in certain situations that can be avoided.

One of these situations is the club.

But what constitutes an establishment as “the club?”  Glad you asked…

1) You can wear Jordans and get in.

2) When you leave at 3:00 A.M., you smell like kush, Newports, and malt liquor.

3) “Down For My N***as,” by C-Murdah, is still in regular rotation there.

4) C-Murdah himself, and his look-a-likes, are still in regular rotation there.

5) The women have tattoos… on their faces.

These types of places may have been fun when you were younger.  They’re cheap to get in.  The drinks are cheap.  You can still pick up a woman wearing FUBU Platinum.  But as you continue to grow, then chances are you want to be around and socialize with like-minded people.  Chances are you would want to talk to a woman with standards higher than clean Air Force One’s and Coogi.  You also wouldn’t want to put yourself in situations where you end up getting robbed or going to jail (because you got in a fight stepping on some random dude’s Pumas) on some bull.

What do you think?  What are some other characteristics of “the club?”

What Have You Learned?

As we grow older, a lot of things we once valued aren’t as valuable to us as they once were.  The way we thought the world works isn’t exactly how the world works. Is it that we have lost faith, or do we just see things for how they really are?

Being popular is more important than being smart… how silly of me.

Having things is more important than having assets… how silly of me.

Not realizing every mistake or sin is fear-based… how silly of me.

Trying to change people rather than being the change I want to see… how silly of me.

What have you realized that you have been silly of?  How do you see the world now compared to when you were 18?  21?

*The soundtrack for today’s post is, “How Silly of Me,” by artist 607 (one half of the duo, earFear).  You can hear more here.