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Women Running Game

african american woman whispering to man 300x180 Women Running Game

“Of course I love you… I love all y’all!” – Jay-Z

All of us, at some point in our lives, have run game.  Some of you are closing the deal on a sold dream at this very moment.

I was reading a post on VSB.com about 5 things men say when we’re just running game.  I commented on the post, which turned out to be today’s post:  Women run game just as much as us guys.  Just like men use lines such as, “I’m not looking for a relationship,” and, “I’ve just been so busy,” women have their own set of phrases that could have been used by the man, Goldie, himself.

I present to you 5 of those phrases:

1) “Hi friend…” – any sentence, phrase, or question that begins with these two words is evil and should be avoided like Karrine Steffans at an All-Star after-party for any major sport.

2) “You’re so silly!” – Your humor makes her tingle.

3) “Sooo… what do you have up for the weekend?” – if you respond, “Nothing,” then you just fell into the trap. She’s fishing for any holes in your plans or free time you may have, wondering why you haven’t made plans to marry her or take her out.  By responding, “Nothing,” you have just made plans with her, and might as well have said, “Taking you out since I have all this free time, baaaaaaby!”

4) She offers to cook for you? Game! She knows that signature dish of her’s is gonna leave a lasting impression.
If she’s from N.O. or the Carribbean, there’s a 99% chance there’s something in the food that will have you proposing marriage by the night’s end and/or semi-stalking her.

5) [You’re such a good man] Why aren’t you married/taken/boo’d up yet? – Meaning, “What’s wrong you? There’s gotta be a reason you can’t maintain a good relationship. You got kids? How many babymama’s you got?  You been to jail?  Are you one of the “alternative lifestyle” fold?  Seriously, what’s wrong with you?”

What are some other things women tend to say that are really game?

Worst Pick-up Lines Part 1 (holla, holla, holla)

holla Worst Pick up Lines Part 1 (holla, holla, holla)


Let me start off by saying I have no game.

I mean I see guys on TV and out that just seem to know how to say the right thing at the right times to ladies.  I’m not one of those guys. 

When I do manage the courage to actually talk to a lady it usually comes out as a run on sentence in a crackling teenage voice that goes a little like… “ITHINKYOURCUTECANIHAVEYOURNUMBERANDTAKEYOUSOMETIMEPLEASE!”

Yeah not the hotness at all.  Sorry to any woman I ever hit with that game.  Well as bad as that sounds, I have heard friends tell me lines they have used and lines that have been used on them that make my sad attempt sound like Shakespeare.

Here are some of my favorites.

Don’t be affraid to get wet.

Say B!tch.  What’s your name? (followed by “F*** you then”, when she doesn’t respond)

Guh, you shaped like a coke bottle.  Lemme know when u want me to pop the top and sip.

Girl you got a big booty, can I have your number?  (She then turns to look at the creature that spewed the nonsense).  Aw you cute too.  WTF???

Oooh Girl he got gold teeth!  I know you got money!

I really could gone on all day with these.  But I really want to hear some of the things that have been said to you that would make you “loose your religion”.

I’ll post the best ones tomorrow.

-Trillionaire Wood