Cool Things: Five Sites to Make Your Web Experience More Nerdy…

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Nowadays, we want the internet to do everything for us.  Personally, I want the internet to educate, humor, entertain, inform, engage, enlighten, and, possibly, feed me.  When I go to Google, I want it to solve my problems before I hit, “Enter.”  In fact, I want Google to read my mind and solve my problems as soon as I type the first two characters.  With that said, here are five cool sites that will make your web experience a bit more informative, entertaining, and worthwhile.  Be sure to add them to your Google Reader:

Sports & Pop Culture – Bill Simmons is one of the greatest sportswriters of this generation.  His intertwining of sportswriting with pop culture and wit is the appeal of what makes his columns so popular and entertaining.  The ESPN columnist recently launched his new website which includes columns from Simmons (and other great writers) on sports and pop culture.

Political – If the Huffington Post is too liberal for you, and Fox News is simply out of the question, then Politico serves as a decent happy medium for all things politics and all things Washington.

Lifestyle – It is as advertised:  The guide to working smarter, faster, and better.

Funny – It’s the Youtube of comedy.  Will Ferrell is one of the site’s co-founders.  Nuff said.

Money & Finances – Great site for personal finance and frugal living.