Cool Things: PSP2

psp21 620x465 300x225 Cool Things: PSP2

For the gaming heads, Sony has just unveiled the PSP2.  It’s being touted as being, “as powerful as the PS3.”  Some cool things about it:

-Supports wi-fi and 3G… which is a first for a portable gaming system.

-No more UMD’s (mini-discs).  The storage will be new mini flash memory cards.

-It has a touchscreen.

-It comes with front and rear cameras.

It’s reportedly set to be released later this year, which we all know means Christmas time.  With Sony rumored to be coming out with a Playstation phone, I wonder how long the PSP2 will last.  I don’t see a need for portable gaming systems anymore now that mobile gaming on smartphones is undoubtedly the future of portable gaming.