Waka Flaka on Education…

When talking about education, in America, you hear a lot of phrases such as, “closing the achievement gap,” “competing with the global community,” “teacher accountability,” etc.

When talking about voting, in America, there are numerous discussions on topics such as winning independent voters, increasing awareness of issues, improving voter turnout, etc.

I wonder how Waka Flaka Flame (FLAKA!) feels about these issues:


Hmmmm… interesting.  Education is, “gewd,” and voting is, “cool.”  Indeed, Waka Flaka!  Indeed!  I didn’t know you could drop out of high school, earn a GED, and then go back to study Geometry.

*Makes plans to go back and get that Associates in Algebra


If Wayne Brady makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcom X, then Waka Flaka flame makes Plies look like Barack Obama.