Must See TV

These days, there are reality shows everywhere.  It seems as if everyone has a reality show… even people I’ve never heard of.

Pretty Wild?  Ummmm no!

Kendra?  Who the heck is Kendra?

Real Chance of Love?  So  you want to watch the average lame dude in the club and the stunt double for the black guy from Twilight… but with a perm… search through a group of opportunists ladies to find love?

What happened to good television?  What happened to something that has an actual plot?  Storyline?  Irony?  I thought TV was supposed to be a form of escapism.  Why would I want to escape watching someone else live THEIR lives?  No, thanks.  I’d rather post up and do some actual people watching.

Still, all hope isn’t lost.  I present to you a list of shows that still make great television.  For now, we’ll just stick with sitcoms:

The Office

How I Met Your Mother:

Robot Chicken:

These are just a few. What say you?  Name some other slept-on TV shows.  Feel free to drop a Youtube link!