Scrubs: What Happened?

scrubs 286x300 Scrubs: What Happened?

If you’re a fan of the TV show, Scrubs, then you have probably noticed the sudden decline of the show since it went from NBC to ABC.  As mentioned in the CNN article above, the writer’s strike from ’07-’08 had a lot to do with the show’s demise.  J.D., one of the show’s main characters (if not the main character), is no longer on the show… along with several other core cast members.

I was aware that the show had moved to ABC, so I tuned in one night.  A few of my observations:

– Midway through watching Scrubs 2.0, I thought I was watching Saved By the Bell: The New Class.

– Watching the new Scrubs is like looking at the Matrix in a different hue of puke-green.

– Comic Book Guy, from The Simpsons, made an appearance sometime during the show.  He was quoted as saying, “Worst…episode…ever.”  Another episode aired the following week.

– I wasn’t aware at first that J.D. wasn’t on the show anymore.  After realizing he wasn’t there, I figured they had killed him off… or maybe there were some budget cuts… or he pulled a Katherine Heigl

– This just in:  The ABC version of Scrubs will be the first television show to come out on View Master instead of DVD/Blu-Ray.

Needless to say, the new version sucks!