Revenge of the Nerds

smart is the new gangsta Revenge of the Nerds

It’s been a long time… we shouldn’t have left you… without a dope post to skim through…

To all of our readers, we apologize for the long hiatus.  It has been a while since our last post.  Life has been busy, but we’re back!

Truth is… SouthernCharm spent the better half of January looking for a new laptop, and Trillionaire Wood got tired of keeping the site going daily.

Anywho… one of the things that has been on my mind lately is the theme of this site: Nerds at the Cool Table.  What exactly is a nerd?  What makes one a nerd at the cool table?

Growing up, someone was considered a nerd if they were smart and actually proud of it.  A nerd was someone who enjoyed learning new things, reading, etc.  A nerd may have been the smartest kid in the class/school.  A nerd may have consistently and habitually overachieved.

But what makes one a nerd today?  Can a “grown” person be a nerd?

Which brings us to being a nerd at the cool table.  To me, a nerd at the cool table is smart person with confidence… swag if you want to call it that…

By the way, is it me or is “swag” over-used like Kim Kardashian from 2003-2008?  I’m currently taking nominations for words to replace “swag.”

Also, when I think of a nerd at the cool table, I think of people like Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, Stringer Bell, Nas from Belly, Barack Obama, Rosario Dawson, etc.

However, I think we need a little more clarity.  What makes a cool nerd/nerd at the cool table?

1. You’re Fashionable -You love a nice pair of Chucks, Ralph Lauren is such a staple in your closet that your friends refer to you as “Polo Da Don,” or you’re a chick with a meaaaan heel game… and you thoroughly understand DuBois’ Souls of Black Folks.

2. You’re Socially Conscious – You know how to jerk, do the stanky leg, know Pants on the Ground word-for-word, and For the Love of Ray-J is your guilty pleasure… but you also enjoy some good Sinatra, Myth Busters, or a good program on the History Channel.

3. You’re Hip to Technology – Internet Explorer?  Who the eff uses that?  Flip phone = Zack Morris phone… and you have an app that determines if you’re too intoxicated to drive.

4. You Can Easily Blend In – You’ve written a thorough report on the new system your company is implementing, gave a presentation on it, spent your downtime at work browsing hedge funds, capital gains, progressive income taxes, Teddy Roosevelt, and World War I on Wikipedia.  When you get off, you grab a fifth of Crown from the L-store, and head over to your boy’s crib in the hood (not the hood-hood) to get on some Spades while discussing the finer points of Tahiry’s azzets.

So as we gather around the cool table, what do you think?  What else makes someone a nerd at the cool table/cool nerd?  Is being a cool nerd the new trend?