Barack: One Year Later

first%20family%20election%20night Barack: One Year Later

Today marks the day one year ago that Barack Obama was elected president and uttered the words, “Change has come to America”.  Well my fellow nerds I have a question.  Has change come to America?  I won’t go into all the other things plaguing society, but we’ll just look at it from the black male perspective. 

CNN is doing their normal explotive news coverage.

And they bring up some very good examples of brothers doing there thing.  But my big issue is most of these brothers were doing their thing before President Obama was elected president.  Then I look at stories like the one about Derrion Albert and wonder if his election has meant anything to our young brothers. 

Well my answer is yes and no.  I don’t believe Barack Obama being elected has done anything to change how black men have acted or will act.  I think there has to be an inherent nature to want to be better in order to do better.  People say black boys can look to him now and believe they can do anything.  I think all young brothers that feel that way after seeing Barack had a want to do great in the first place.  Him being elected only confirmed their desires. 

I feel like any change in our society must be grass roots.  We have to show brothers one on one how to be better.  And most of all they have to want to be better.  I’m not taking anything away from his election.  I think it was great that he was elected and thing it was a great win for the black community.  But I don’t think we can look to his election as a defining moment that “change has come to [black] america”.  

But anyway… How do you feel?  Do you see this past year as a marked improvement for the black male in society in the age of Obama?