“Paranoia” Activity

Scooby gang 1969 Paranoia Activity

Have you ever seen something that you thought may have been racist, but you aren’t sure.? You couldn’t tell if somebody was being brilliantly subtle or you’re imagination just ran away with you.  I’ll give you a case in point for myself.

Scooby Doo:

I have long suspected that this cartoon is racist.  Since this cartoon was created in the late 60’s, public outcry wouldn’t be as big of a deal as now.
Why do I think it’s racist?
I think Scooby was the “black guy”.  He couldn’t quite speak well.  He was a little slow, but he always help solve the case.  He ate too much.  And he was brown. 

So I wonder is that just the normal paranoia that we as black people subscribe to, or did I just crack the code to one of America’s most beloved cartoon characters?

What do you guys think?  Do you have an instance of “Paranoia” Activity?

-Trillionaire Wood aka Wood The Great