Ill Na Na Part Deux


Yesterday, I talked to the Men about why we do what we do.  Today I’ll school the women to some game.   How do you know you are just being tolerated for the Ill Na Na?


1.  If he has an expression like one of these every time you talk…

annoyed Ill Na Na Part Deux

This says I’m annoyed and I’m ready to screw.

 mean guy 2 Ill Na Na Part Deux

Bish will you stop talking so we can screw.


2.  There is never any pillow talk.


3.  You only hear from him when it’s time to do the grown folk.


4.  You guys don’t share any common interest, but some how he’s still interested.


5.  You know you are a no good skank/ crazy broad/ ugly as homemade sin, but for some reason the dudes won’t leave you alone.


My fellow nerds let’s school the ladies.  How else would she know it’s not her beauty, it’s her booty.


-Trillionaire Wood