Can Black People Be Racist?

ClaytonBigsby Hethoughthewaswhite Can Black People Be Racist?

In the continuation of our Black in America series, we are going to ask a question… Can black people be racist?

Well I’m not sure about this one. I think it would all depend on what your definition of racism is. My definition would be…preconceived ideas about a group of people based on skin color, physical features, and cultural background. And being racist for me isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Like a good stereotype is to say that, “all Asians are good a math”… That is a blatantly racist statement, but I don’t think anybody would get offended by being called smart.

But for this particular question I think we have to look at racism in its more common negative tone. A racist statement like, “all Black people like watermelon and chicken”. Again I’m not so offended by that because I like both of those things. Not because I’m black, but because they are delicious.

Well one of my clear friends says the other day that Black people can’t be racist. The only people that can be racist is the race that is in the majority. That race is the power race because of its majority and can oppress other races based on their race. And through his definition he could be right.

So I guess the question is whose definition is right? Can black people be racist, based on either definition? Do we get a pass for the simple hardships we’ve dealt with in this country? Is there a clearer definition of racism? My fellow nerds please pontificate.