America… You got Punk’d!

art father son kusa America... You got Punkd!

I’m glad I didn’t climb in any weather balloons when I was six. 

A balloon?  Really?

So, apparently a 6 year old boy climbed aboard a hot-air, weather balloon… and the balloon took off.  The parents panicked, and they called the police.  About 20 major news networks, the National Guard, and countless volunteers later… 6 year old Falcon was finally found… in the attic… he was sleep.

I’m speechless.  I don’t know what to say. 

My mom, who was watching the family getting interviewed on Larry King, was pretty upset.  She was happy that the boy, Falcon (WTF kind of name is that?), was found.  But she was upset at the fact that the parents were calling his name in the house while $4600/hr helicopters followed this balloon around, believing him to be on it.  When you really think about it, he wasn’t on top of the balloon.  He couldn’t have survived inside the balloon.  So really, we were captivated by a… well… balloon!

Mom said she would have tore him up… and not just a regular whoopin spanking.  I mean one of those pause-between-the-hits spankings like, “Didn’t.(bam)You.(bam)Hear.(bam)Me.(bam)Calling(bam)Your(bam)Name(bam)???????”  Then she said she would have got him again every time she thought about it.  Like, you’re in the middle of church and she has a Vietnam War flashback and comes up side your head! 

I’m glad I didn’t climb in any weather balloons when I was six.