untitled BOUGIE

The other day, I was having a conversation with some friends about Scotch.  One friend mentioned he had bought a cheaper scotch, and then bought a more expensive aged brand that he said basically made the other scotch taste like Heaven’s Hill.  And if you been broke and in college , you know what Heaven’s Hill is… Or Maybe Quality House was your cup of tea! Anyway… Another friend chimed in and basically said that people buy things like 10 year old Scotch because they want to be seen, not because they actually like it.  And to some extent I can agree with him.  But on the other hand I do a lot of bougie stuff because I like it… Things such as going to nice restaurants, staying in nice hotel rooms, etc.  The other side to it is things that cost more are better.  This may be true to an extent, but not always.  But trust me there is a difference between Grey Goose and Moonshine.   There is a difference between the Motel 6 and the W.   So I have to ask you guys:  When are you being bougie for the sake of being bougie, and when are you doing it because you like or it’s just better?  Here are some rules for me:

1. If you don’t like it but you buy it anyway, you’re being bougie. I smoked a cigar the other day.  And I hated it.  (I think anybody that gets to the point of even being a smoker has some serious psychological issues.)  But I was in an atmosphere where that’s what people did.  They smoked expensive cigars.  So I had to have me an expensive cigar wit my bougie butt.

2. If you have to tell everybody you doing it, you are being bougie. A person truly comfortable with themselves will never have to flaunt the fact that they have something nice.  Wit yo’ bougie butt.

3. When you buy the more expensive brand even when the cheaper brand is the same. I have found supermarket brand is okay for me.  Great Value & Equate will suffice.  So stop buying the expensive stuff.  Wit yo’ shopping, bougie butt!!!

4. When you only open yourself up to one kind of culture. I can just as easily be seen listening to Lil’ Wayne and playing spades drinking a beer as I can be seen drinking wine at an art gallery opening.  Stop taking yourself too seriously… Wit yo’ drunk, bougie butt!!!

That’s all I got.  What about you?  Any other ways to know you are bougie and not just enjoying yourself?  Do you have any stories of you or someone else acting bougie and you felt like slapping the bougie out of them?  Let me know.