Take Some Responsibility

I’m a big fan of the Foxxhole radio show.  It’s ridiculously funny and
they touch on some very poignant subjects.  Well the show last Friday
took a turn into a chapter on adult illiteracy.  

illiterate Take Some Responsibility

Well a few illiterates called in (Doesn’t calling somebody an illiterate sound
like an insult???) and expressed how they had ended up illiterate
and why they never read.  As I listened to the guys talk, I realized
one of the biggest problems plaguing America, and Black America
specifically… Lack of personal responsibility.  One guy said he owned
a trucking company and said he never learned how to read because his
teachers didn’t care.  He talked about how the schools were bad
and blah blah blah. Well, I wonder now why he never learned to read…
and Lou Dix hit the nail on the head…  Because he was LAZY!  This man
was an illiterate with a trucking company.  Think about how much more
he could do with an education!  But instead he decided not to take
responsibility for his actions and say, “I’ll learn to read now.”

This is not an isolated incident in our community.  Everytime I
hear somebody making an excuse for not doing something it makes me
cringe.  I didn’t wake up on time this morning because my alarm clock
didn’t wake me up.  I can’t believe you just blamed your oversleeping
on an alarm clock!  It didn’t stop working ,so get your butt up.  And
we wonder why our children don’t do what they are suppose to do!

Anyway I’mma stop “Lou Dixin’”.  Listen to a couple of Foxxhole’s and
you’ll know what that means.  All of my fellow nerds… Why don’t we take
responsibility for ourselves? And what can we do to change that?