Old Crushes


Have you ever gone out with your friends and saw that girl that you always wanted to get with but “circumstances” aka you being a little punk kept you from hollering… but now you see her and she just doesn’t look quite the same?  Can it be that you just don’t like her anymore?   It’s usually more to it than that.  And here are the reason’s why I don’t think you aren’t into her anymore.

 1. She’s not as attractive as she used to be.  The years have ravaged her like a dinosaur corpse or She is as big as the day is long…  There was a girl that I had tried to show my affections for but they were fended off like Steve Urkel chasing after Laura Winslow.  She was never a small girl, but she was of a nice fluff.  Well I saw a recent picture of her and let’s just say that fluff was more on Empire-State-Ghostbusters-Marshmallow-Man level.  I told my friend about it and he said it wasn’t possible for her to be any bigger.  Bwah…hahahaha.   So basically he was saying that it wasn’t possible for a human to get any bigger…lol.  But after he saw the picture he agreed it was possible. Anyway, I got off subject.  Basically she let herself go.  And that’s just wrong.

 2. You finally get to see the real person…  It’s kinda like that scene from the Matrix when Neo is welcomed into the real world.  All the wonderful things that you thought this person was, you finally see that she isn’t all of that.  Maybe she’s mean. Maybe she’s too nice.  Maybe she is as ditzy as Jessica Simpson after a lobotomy.   

 3.  You’ve changed.   As you grow, your tastes evolve.  If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be attracted to any woman of a different race, I would have slapped you upside your head for your habitual line steppage.  Anyway you are not the same guy and she may still be the same girl. 

What are some other reasons you have to let the past die?  My fellow nerds pontificate with me if you will.